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Matt Worden Games on FacebookI don’t think I’ve specifically mentioned in a post on this website that I’ve set up a “Matt Worden Games” page on Facebook.

Please go there and “LIKE” the page … it makes me feel good. ūüôā

So now there are really 4 different ways to keep up on all of the Matt Worden Games info:

  1. First, of course, is just coming to this website.  (Simple enough, right?)
  2. Get e-mail updates whenever I update the site.  Basically, whenever I add a post to the website, then that night and e-mail summary of my post(s) will go out around 11pm Central Time.
  3. Follow my Twitter Feed. ¬†If you want more of an off-the-top-of-my-head type flow of information, humor, and grand strategy of how I plan to take over the world … this is it.
  4. Finally, the aforementioned Facebook page. ¬†It’s a page. ¬†And it’s on Facebook. ¬†So, “LIKE” it already. ¬†It does hold quite a bit of photos that are organized in the nice way that Facebook lets you … so, that’s a bonus. ¬†It also lets you interact back, which I really like.

Okay … there you have it. ¬†Find a way (or several) that works for you, and keep track of the stuff I have going on with my games. ¬†I do expect some interesting things to come about this year!


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