Where Ya Been, Man?!

Side of a Funnel on the Disney Dream Cruise ShipThat is the question I would be asking if I had been following the posts on this site the past month-or-so … had all of this momentum on a number of different fronts, and then silence for almost two weeks.

The other questions I’d ask is: Where’s the DANGER! release announcement?

Well … I’ve been on vacation.  And this time I actually took a vacation during my vacation.  I actually did no work for my day job, and I didn’t do anything related to game design.  Which means the DANGER! rulesheet is still in-the-works.  (I *will* release by the end of March for sure though!)

We took a nice family vacation for spring break this year … rented a house in Orlando for 5 days, then went on a 5-day cruise aboard Disney’s Dream.

While in Orlando, we day-tripped over to the Kennedy Space Center one day, and spent another at Universal’s Adventure Island theme park.  Took the following pictures at Adventure Island:

A Dino About to Snack on Some Girls Hogwarts, from the Outside House Points Hour Glasses inside Hogwarts

Then we went on a very nice cruise on the Disney Dream.  Disney really does know how to think through all of the possibilities and deliver things with style.  All of us has a great time, and in different ways.  It was a nice break, and really helped to rest the synapses a bit.  Here’s a couple of pics:

Disney Dream Cruise Ship in Port Canaveral, Florida A Lobster was Waiting on our Bed One Evening

But, now it’s time to get back to business!  I will have some interesting games-related posts over the next few days. 🙂

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