Subtilla Reviewed by Father Geek

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Subtilla, mid-gameFather Geek posted his review of Subtilla today, and he seems to have really enjoyed it.  He’s been giving my games a lot of great press lately — which is awesome.

You may recall that over the course of last year, he reviewed both Jump Gate and Dicey Curves, and I was honored to receive his Official Seal of Approval.

But since we had a chance to sit down face-to-face and play and talk about games for a couple hours at Con of the North last month, he’s made positive mention of my games on the “On Board Games” podcast, he’s stated that he’s looking forward to the DANGER! Expansion for Dicey Curves, and now he’s played and posted the review of Subtilla.

And I think it’s quite cool, since he’s a stand-up guy, a great dad and I really like how he writes his reviews, keeping an eye on the viewpoints of gamers, parents and kids all at the same time.  (He’s also hilarious to follow and banter with via Twitter.)

Plus, I always get a kick out of seeing the pics of his kids playing the games he’s reviewing … like this one:

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