Announcing: BLASTER WAVES (free print-and-play)

Blaster Waves

UPDATED: Added link to buy the POD version at TGC.

There’s a print-and-play game design challenge running at BGG right now.  They are looking for single-player games that can be (as you might guess) simply printed out on your home printer and enjoyed.

In response to the challenge, I came up with a fast-playing, simple little card game based on the old school space shooter video games from “way back in the day” … It’s called Blaster Waves, and you take on the role of a space fighter pilot defending the earth from waves of hostile aliens.

It’s currently only available in a “Standard Edition”, but I will soon have out a more colorful version (it will be called the “Toner Depleter Edition”) and by mid-August I expect to also have it available as another game from

So, click on the link below to download your own copy and give it a try.  (If you do play it, I would *really* appreciate some feedback on the Blaster Waves thread at BGG!!)

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