Dicey Curves Only Available for a Limited Time

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Dicey Curves I just got word over the past few days that the supplier that TGC buys their “Sporty Car Pawns” from is discontinuing that part … which means that Dicey Curves (which uses 8 of those cute little cars) can only be sold as long at TGC still has stock remaining.

And, from some follow-up e-mails with TGC’s folks (they’ve provided some very good customer service to me on issue) I know that they don’t have large quantities of some of these cars … so, you’ll need to get ’em while you can.

CLICK HERE: To View Dicey Curves in the TGC Shop … after adding Dicey Curves to your cart, take a look around the shop a bit and add a few other cool games as well.

If you haven’t heard of Dicey Curves … it’s a casual, dice-based racing game where the track is made up from a deck of cards.  You try to form combos with your dice in order to move your car down the track.  There are “gates” on the curves that specify the size of the combo you need to form in order to continue on the track.  And there are a number of ways to control the dice in order to give some help when luck isn’t in your corner.  It plays 2 – 8 players in 30-60 minutes.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the game once those pawns run out.  TGC’s other cars don’t really fit the look of a racing game, and probably wouldn’t fit very well onto the spots on the track cards either … so, I’ll need to get that figured out between now and then.

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