Repainting the Castle: Castle Danger 10th Anniversary Edition on the Way

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Castle Danger, 5th Edition, Quad-Fold Board GraphicIt’s hard to believe that my first completed board game design, Castle Danger, is about to turn 10 years old in the next few months!  The game actually got its start as a computer game in 2001, but by late 2002 I was working to get a tabletop version available for sale.

Four tabletop editions, 2 computer versions, and a free print-and-play set later and 10 years has gone by. Phwew. 😉

In the meantime,, where the 4th edition has been produced, has been steadily improving their services, offerings and quality … so, it was time to give my old classic a face-lift.  I plan to release it sometime in early 2013 — January/February timeframe, if everything goes as planned.

I’m switching to a thick 18×18 quad-fold board with brand new graphics (click the pic in the upper-left to see it full-sized).  I’m also getting my player pieces consolidated around a standard look and feel (no more mix of 4 different types of materials, etc., like in the 4th edition).  The player pieces look like this:

 Castle Danger, 5th Edition, Player Pieces

I also plan to redo the rule book, taking advantage of the new saddle-stitched booklets available at TGC … and a new box wrap too.  I’ll spend the next month-or-so tweaking the board graphics, creating something new for the box cover, and getting the rule book in shape.

I’m not sure what this will cost yet … I’m hoping that $39 will handle it, but I need to get all of the pieces finalized an setup on TGC to see what the underlying per-unit cost is.  I’ll post more pics and give more info as I progress on this.

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