Website Update: Starting to Come Together

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Matt Worden Games Logo - 2013

Well, things are progressing with the website update.  I’ve done most of the big things — installing a new theme, changing major colors, background images, etc.  I’ve also done most of the medium and smaller things … although I’m not locked-in on the font shape/size/colors yet. So, I’ll continue to tweak those.

One thing that seems to be trickier to do with WordPress is to setup an image map for your header image.  (For those that aren’t website techies, an “image map” is setting up different areas of a picture as clickable links … such as separate links for each of the “nice folks saying nice things” area in the upper-right.)  For now, I’m putting up a header full of place-holders and then I’ll work out the tweaks to make it happen.

I also plan to go through the site page-by-page and redo each of them to make them better looking and easier to read. And I’ll reorganize them a bit to have the menus make a bit more sense.

As you might get from the way the header is starting to shape up, I will have areas across the top for both accolades and published games.  My current in-process projects will be shown in the right column.  This should make everything cleaner and tidier.

If you happen to see anything that is missing, is hard to read, or is otherwise broken, please send me an e-mail.

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