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King of Danger, Main Deck  Back, January 2013

Another week of playtesting has gone by, and I think we are getting close with King of Danger.

I don’t expect the deck to change much now … just tweaks around in-game rules and score and such.  This time around, I tightened-up the rules around matching the lead suit and restricted when you can play a King a bit more.  I also switched to the term “castles” for what you are gaining and losing throughout the game (it was confusing to have a Walls suit, and then be building/destroying walls as a separate thing), and I’ve adjusted who gains/loses them and how many. It’s starting to feel just about right.

The new item I’ve added-in is the ability of the Wizards to morph into Walls or Cannons on occasion.  For example, they are now treated as if they are a Wall on a Wall-lead trick, or as if they are a Cannon on a Cannon-lead trick.  When the Wizards are lead, the first Wall or Cannon played on the trick switches the castle gain/loss rules over to as if that suit had been lead. Not sure if that’ll stick … but so far I like it.

So, download again (only the rules have changed since the last post about the game), and let me have your feedback: {temporarily removed} … {updated to v6.0 on 1-Feb-2014 … the game has changed a LOT in the past year … check out the new version for a much, much better game ;)}

Thanks! 🙂

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