My GenCon Indy 2013 Schedule

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Dicey Curves Demo Play at GenCon Indy 2011It turns out that trying to keep my schedule open for as much gaming and schmoozing as possible has lead to pretty full-scheduled evenings at GenCon.

I definitely want to find a way to meet as many folks as I can and to get in as many games as will fit.  This year, I am rooming with the other three guys that I joined for the “FreeStarter” contest a few months ago — Chevee Dodd, Grant Rodiek, and A.J. Porfirio. You’ll likely finding me hanging out with one or all of them (or in the Gaming Library, or in the game event hall)  whenever I’m not scheduled to be elsewhere.

Here’s what I’m looking at with a couple days left to add more stuff … come find me:

WED, 8/14

– 6:14 pm: Flight from MSP touches-down at IND … Rest of the evening: Gaming & the Hotel

THURS, 8/15

– 3-4pm: Artemis … 6-10pm: Helping out in the Indie Boards & Cards Gaming Room, ICC 135

FRI, 8/16
– 11am-Noon: Protospiel Panel, Crowne Plaza:Victoria Stn C/D … 2pm: Tessen Tournament, ICC:Hall D:Green:19–21 … 3-5pm: Firefly, ICC:Hall D:Gale Force Nine:HQ … 5-8pm: Helping out in the Indie Boards & Cards Gaming Room … 8-10pm: TGC Community Gaming, JW:308:1–5

SAT, 8/17
– Noon – 4pm: Helping out in the Indie Boards & Card Booth, Hall H, #1655 … 7-?pm: TGC Social at Scotty’s

SUN, 8/18
– 11:25am: Fly out of IND back to MSP



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