Dicey Curves to be Updated

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Dicey CurvesSpurred on by the loss of the cool race car pawns at TheGameCrafter.com — they were discontinued by the manufacturer, and TGC is running out of stock now — I have decided to give a full updated to Dicey Curves.

Dicey Curve's Cars and Dice
Sad that these cool-looking race car pawns are now discontinued by the manufacturer.

I’m not overly thrilled with the only other car pawn available at TGC, but the site is perfect for everything else I want in the game. Plus, they’ve hinted that they will have a new type of car available soon — I’m hoping it’s a new type of cool race car. So, we’ll see how that goes.

In any case, this full update should include the following …

  • New 4×8-inch Track mats (instead of poker cards), featuring new art
  • New Car Pawns (hopefully something sporty and not the sedans)
  • Full-sized Dice (16mm instead of the 12mm with the original game)
  • Two Different Types of Control Tokens (different tokens for “Gas” and “Tires” to give you more dice or let you set the value of a die, respectively) … which means some slight rules tweaks
  • New Rules Booklet
  • New Box (the Medium Pro Box, which is fully wrapped)

I am also considering including the DANGER! Expansion in this new box with the base game. But I need to see how I would go about making the expansion work with the new track mats, since it’s mainly a deck of cards that were designed to work with a card-based track. So, if I can find a way for it to work, it’ll be included as well.

As for those new track mats … I have designed the first set of prototype tracks to test out. (These are just for test playing to make sure they work and are NOT the final art.)  I will take them for a spin with the bigger (uglier) car pawns and see how everything works. Here’s how they look so far:

Dicey Curves Update - Prototype Track Mats

This should be a fun month or two of getting things tested out and re-worked.  So … at this point, I’m expecting to have it available via the TGC shop in January.

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