Move the Chains: The Powerful Potential of Player Cards

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Move the Chains - Player Card - BackAfter a couple of posts (intro and gameplay detail) about my card based football game, Move the Chains, I have yet to give any description of what the “Player Cards” are supposed to be used for.

At this point, the game includes 18 of them, and they will become part of the players’ decks and used through the game to modify results.  They are also completely blank at this point … because I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to put on them.  I first need to test the way the plays work normally, without any modification, before I’ll be able to tell exactly what sort of modification will work right to add just enough spice to the game without overpowering it.  I also need to work out how the cards get into the decks.  Like the play cards, I’m assuming a little bit of dealing/drafting during setup, followed by some drafting-and-building during the game.

Here are a few things I expect to have them do …

  • Audibles: While not actually modifying results, this will allow a player to change their selected play card after the defense has set their strength.
  • Drive-Based Modifiers: These will stay in-place during the current drive, modifying each play along the way.  I expect these to read like “Hot QB” or “Fired-Up D-Line” with a slight result modifier rule attached … but I’m not sure how those rules will read yet.
  • Play-Based Modifiers: These will only be good for one play, but provide a bit more substantial boost to your side … “Go to Guy” or “Shutdown Corner,” etc.

The base game will have these as generic cards, balanced across run and pass, offense and defense.

But, here’s where the real potential comes in … Imagine card packs for each real-life team.  Now you have a way to customize the game a bit based on what a fan knows about the game.

That’s the potential I’m aiming for with these.  I’d really like to hear your thoughts on how these could work for a game like this.  And would 9 per side be enough?  I’d rather have them be just a dash of spice … a balance-tipper.

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