Introducing “Danger at the Walls”

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Danger at the Walls Prototype, Red Deck Back, Feb 2014I’ve started working on another card game set in the Land of Danger, currently called “Danger at the Walls.”

This one is a head-to-head, tactical game, with each player having an identical 18-card deck. The premise is similar to Castle Danger — 2 castles directly across from each other — but the delivery is quite different.

This will feature deck-to-hand, hand-to-table type play, with the goal of removing cards from the other player’s castle until you’ve accumulated a certain number of points from those cards. Some of the cards are simple attacking troops, and some are leaders with special powers. The flow and mechanics have started coming together pretty well in the past couple of days.

There will be some familiar-looking unit types (King, Wizard, Builder, Cannons) along with a couple of new types (Archers and a Spy). I’m being a little coy in the pic below (click for a bigger version) by not showing much of the faces for the prototype so far … pretty sure the info on those faces is likely to change near-daily until I have the design nailed down. 😉

Danger at the Walls, early prototype card examples, Feb 2014

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