“Danger at the Walls” Print-and-Play Available (beta v2.1)

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Danger at the Walls, Castle Sketch, June 2014As promised earlier in the week, I have assembled a print-and-play file for Danger at the Walls.

It is a free download available here as a PDF: Danger at the Walls (1009 downloads )

54 cards, 2-players, 30 minutes, Area Control.

It really is the same-old-story from the Land of Danger: one army attacking another King’s castle, looking to take control of those walls. Play as either the attackers or defenders, using your Archers, Cannons, Attacks, and Leaders, utilizing clever card play and a little bit of luck to give yourself more strength at more of the walls than your opponent.

The artwork and layout is rather rough and quite basic … just enough to make the game work cleanly. I do plan to upgrade and improve all of that after the gameplay gets nailed down.

The specific items I’m looking for feedback on at this time is spelled out in the PDF file. I do not expect to update the PnP until the late-June/early-July timeframe as I get it ready for the Michigan Protospiel at the end of July.

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