Flags on the Walls?

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Blue Flag of DangerMy testing and the PnP feedback for Danger at the Walls yielded a couple of things. First, the optional “move a leader” step at the start of a turn was fiddly and seemed to be overlooked at times. Second, the structured game end lent itself to a rather strong last turn advantage.

Going into the next version of the PnP, I’ll be making changes to fix these 2 areas. Most of the Leaders will be place-and-leave, just like the Archer and Cannon cards. This means the abilities of some of the cards will need to be adjusted to fit. For example, instead of the King & General moving cards around, they will instead do a simple 2X on their current strength at the Wall.

For the end game, I’m doing something a little more drastic. I should mention that I wanted to remove the 4 Archer Attacks because they didn’t quite feel as I had hoped (the Cannon Attacks work fine). Now I have something to replace them with — Flags! Each player will get a Flag in their personal deck, and the remaining 2 will be placed in the bottom half of the main deck.

To play a Flag, a player sets it on a Wall. The ownership of the Wall is now locked. You can still play things at the locked Wall — it just won’t change who owns it. When the 3rd Flag is played, the other player will get 1 more turn and the game ends.

This will give it a bit of a nearly-instant “go out” effect. But the opponent will get one more chance to respond … so a player will want to be sure when going out. I’m curious to see if this will work better.

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