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DareBase (Early in a Game)I recently updated both the rules and the components for DareBase as I got the 2nd Edition ready for publication through

While the 2nd Edition has quite a different look from the original, it really has essentially the same component list (a board, 10 Player Markers and matching Power Markers, Flags and 3 dice).  It was the update to the rules that was the biggest change.

DareBase, 1st Edition
DareBase - Original Handmade 1st Edition

Originally, the design of the game came from a combination of loving to play the children’s team-tag game of “Darebase” during grade school recess (we called it “Prisoners Goal”) and being a bit frustrated by the way the die works in StreetSoccer (which is a game I thoroughly enjoy).  So, as I worked out the idea of the “dice queue”, I wanted a way to apply it to a simulation of one of my favorite childhood games.  The dice queue allowed there to be the randomness provided by dice while reducing the chance of a game getting tipped by a few turns of one player getting much better numbers than the other player.

DareBase - Purple Team has 3 Players in Jail
The Purple Team has 3 Players in Jail

While I was happy with the outcome, I found the original rules to be a bit stiffling in how it allowed you to play.  The board layout also rewarded very defensive play … which can make a game dull — especially if both players subscribe to that style.  So, the changes to the rules for the 2nd edition were intended to “open up” the game — make it faster and flow a bit more freely.  It gives the “coaches” more options on their turn, allows for more players to be in-play at the same time, and the mid-field power stations reduces the advantage of a defensive approach.  It’s become a more casual-friendly game … which means that those who prefer tense,  abstract games will probably want to play the original rules.

Check out the links on the top of the DareBase page to get more information on the game.  And if you’d like to try out playing the game online for free, join me at … I’m always open for a game!

(I will on occassion spotlight some of my own games with a “Spotlight On…” post.  Also watch for “Others’ Works” posts, which will look at games and other creative works by other people, and “Fellow Designer” posts, which will look at other board game designers and computer game developers.)

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