Magistrate: Swords Into Plowshares?

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Magistrate: Swords Into Plowshares?One of the good things that pushing out the KS project for “Days of Discovery” does is to give me a chance for a breather, in which I can spend a little time on some of my other designs. For some odd reason, I always feel better about my creative work when I have multiple projects spinning at once.

Recently, I had an idea about my bigger strategy game, Magistrate, that made me pause and really re-evaluate a couple of things. At first, it seemed like a giant change. But, after thinking through it a bit, I think it’s actually a natural shift in what I’m trying to accomplish.

Magistrate during playtest at Protospiel-Milwaukee, Spring 2015The idea is this: What if I removed the “Militia” third of the game … and changed it to something more in-line with the rest of the them — like Farmers?

The various battle systems I’ve gone through over the many, many years I’ve been working on this one have never really worked the way I want. I had started to come up with a new “push other people around” variant approach, instead of having actual military battles … but that didn’t really hit the spot either. So, what if instead of fighting, we work the land in order to generate resources? Hmmm … I think I’ll have to spend some time on this new idea! 🙂

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