First Written Review of “Santas Little Helpers” & a Green Gift Bag

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All components in the Green Gift Bag of "Santa's Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam"This past weekend, my family participated in a local holiday boutique that runs every year at our middle school to raise money for our school district’s band programs.

Students trying out Santa's Little Helpers at a Holiday Boutique - Nov. 2015Knowing we were going to have a table at the boutique was the original spark for what lead to Santa’s Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam. I purposely wanted to make a fun, easy-to-learn game that might be interesting to folks that don’t normally play board games as a hobby. Admittedly, this is outside of the market I normally target … but I figured Jump Gate and Dicey Curves wouldn’t do as well as a cute little Santa-and-Elves game at this particular boutique. Once I got the game down, I liked it a lot and decided to make it a general for-sale item in addition to having it at the boutique.

NEW Green Gift Bag of "Santa's Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam" - $10With that said, I have about a dozen sets of the game left over now. I packaged these in a spiffy, green, drawstring bag instead of in the tuck box you normally get when you order from TGC. They also cost 33% less — just $10/copy — and since I already have them on-hand, I can send them out as soon as you order them. Click here to buy one of these Green Gift Bags of Santa’s Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam for just $10.

Santa's Little Helpers and the Ice Cube Jam - Review by TheFamilyGamers.comAlso, the first written review of the game has been posted at … and they really liked it, exactly for what it is. Click on the link to check out what they wrote! 🙂

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