“Days of Discovery” Development Still Progressing

Days of Discovery - First Draft Box Cover RenderHi … it’s me … I’ve been wondering — how nearly 5 months have gone by since I last posted. Actually, I know exactly how that’s happened … one major building project, two *very* active teenagers, and lots of good family/friend times and the clock simply flies!

But I am still working on getting Days of Discovery ready to be Kickstarted this summer. I’ve simplified things in the game quite a bit — taking it back to the basics and general tightening up. So, it’s off to more blind testing with the new rules now.

I’ve also been working with a graphic designer to get things consolidated and in-shape to show off. Once example is the box in the upper-left … the other is below. In both cases, you can click to see bigger versions of the images.

Days of Discovery Cards Example Display Render

I will be starting to add some new stories over the coming weeks that will be tagged with “Story Mode” … these will be creative writings tied to the story behind the game. Keep an eye out and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

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