A Quick “Jump Gate” Update

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Jump Gate Cover ArtI have a fully completed rulebook for Jump Gate … just need to proofread and edit … and proofread … and tweak, etc.  I’m also waiting on 1 last artwork update, and then I will be ready to upload the latest and greatest to TGC.

Rocket Pawns from TheGameCrafter.comOne minor change (that feels kinda major to me) that I decided to make is to use the colored “Rocket Pawns” (shown to the right) as the spaceship markers instead of the really cool-looking rubber “Spacecraft” models (shown to the left) that TGC has available.  There were 2 deciding Spacecraft from TheGameCrafter.comfactors:  (1) the Rocekt Pawns are way cheaper, and (2) they will match the color of the player’s markers … so it will be much easier to know which player is at which Planet.

It’s getting close now … hopefully, by the end of the month … just in time for my birthday!! 🙂

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