Which one’s next?

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Basketball HoopSo after Jump Gate is launched next week, what games will I be working on as the next ones to publish?

The best candidate right now is the 3-on-3 basketball sim.  It’s card mechanics seem to have come together very nicely … just need to get it playtested with a number of difference people in order to see if I’m missing anything there.  The trickier piece will be to put together the publication-ready artwork for the cards & board … I’ll need an artist.  The working title right now is “Handful of Hoop” … which is sort of playing off the fact that you’re using a handful of cards to play a game of hoops (and also will fit nicely with an American Football card game that I’m working on called “Fistful of Football” … no, seriously! 😉 ).

Show of Power BoardThe other one that seems to be hitting the home stretch is “Show of Power”.  Since I had my “ideas that didn’t quite work” session a few weeks back, it’s really come together nicely.  I even ordered a new prototype of the card deck used in the game.  This is a much deeper strategic game than the others I’ve designed … so, if there’s any way for me to make it to Protospiel this year, it will be coming along to get in front of the other designers there.

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