Courting Changes

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Basketball Half Court
Current Version of the Half-Court Board

As I’ve been contemplating changes needed for the 3-on-3 basketball game that I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve decided to change the way space is handled on the game board.  The picture to the left is the new version of the half-court that the game takes place on.  Each section will hold 2 players at a time.  A defending player needs to be in the same section as an offensive player to be directly defending that player.  This simplifies an issue on the previous board (detailed below).

The colored bands indicate which shooting skills a player will be using.  Guards will have better shooting skills further out from the basket, while Centers will be better inside.

Basketball Half Court (old)
Older Attempt at a Half-Court Board

My first pass at the board (shown to the right), has individual spots that would each hold a single player.  The triangular arrows would point at the spots that can be defended from that position.  This created some locations up the alleys and down the baseline with spots that can only be defended from 1 position.  While this made for some interesting positioning, it was a little hard to explain — and it changed it from a basketball sim to something more like an abstract strategy game with some favored terrain.

With that said, the court setup is something of a minor change compared to what my plans are for the cards and the dice.  I still need to get some of the details worked out before I can post about that though.

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