2nd Edition of “Jump Gate” is in the Works!

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The GAMES Magazine award has lead to some interesting things that I wasn’t expecting … such as scrambling to pull-together a 2nd Edition of “Jump Gate” in time to ship for this holiday season!

I had been hoping for the game to make the GAMES 100 list ever since it was reviewed in their Septemer issue, and that would help me find a traditional publisher for next year while I continued to sell the game through TheGameCrafter.com.  However, having the game named the Traditional Game of the Year required something more.

Since the biggest 2 complaints about the TGC-delivered game were the lack of a traditional game box and inconsistent printing/folding of the rulebook, I figured I better create a new edition of the game, with a traditional board game style setup box and a nicely printed rules booklet.  Turns out that the trickiest piece to get in place has been the box.  But we’re close now.  If things go smoothly, we should have something shelf-ready to ship by late November.

Here’s a sneak-peek at the box artwork … this is preliminary, but close to final … first the top of the box, then the bottom. (click the image … then click it again in the next screen to see a bigger version)

Preliminary Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"

Preliminary Artwork for "Jump Gate" 2nd Edition Box Bottom

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  1. The old guy

    Matt, I wasn’t aware that you had progressed so far with your games hobby. The Jump Gate game looks very interesting. What’s the minimum number of players need to play a game? (looks like it could be fun to play with my grandkids and my kids…..I like anything to do with outerworlds, galaxies, and the universe…even have a couple of paintings done by street artists in Vegas..very beautiful.)

    Cool names for your planets, i recognized almost all if them immediately. Wonder why jon never told me about this..

    Thanks, Jer

  2. MattWorden

    Hi Jer … thanks for the post! 🙂

    The game can be played with 2 to 6 players … but is best with 3 to 5. The game is a little too “loose” with just 2 and a little too “tight” with 6, in my opinion.

    Not sure why Jon didn’t mention it to you … an early prototype of the game was tested in his kitchen, when the planets didn’t yet have names and everything was hand-written on index cards and old business cards! 😉

    He has a copy of the First Edition. Something tells me he’ll get a copy of the Second sometime around New Years.

    Take care!

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