You Know it’s Getting Serious when You Put the Camper in Storage

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Matt Worden Games LogoMy wife and I bought a pop-up camper from our neighbors this past summer.  We can’t wait to get camping in it next year.  The plan was to store it in the 3rd stall of our garage over the winter.

But that all changed the day I was trading e-mails with the company making the boxes for the second edition of Jump Gate.  They informed me that the boxes would be shipped in 7 master cartons, which should all fit onto a single pallet … maybe two.  Where was I going to put 2 pallets worth of boxes?  And then you add in the plastic bits (120,000 chips & 6,000 rockets) and the cards (96,000 cards), and I figured I was going to need some place to put everything as it arrived.

So, the camper has been moved to winter storage … and that tells me things are getting serious. 

The other things that let me know things are serious, are forming an LLC (“Matt Worden Games, LLC”) and already taking orders for the games.  I suppose I’ll have to quit calling this a hobby, eh?

And, we’ll be hosting an “assembly” party this weekend with neighbors and friends … things are getting fun!

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