So, what will be so Special about the Funagain “Special Limited Release”?

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Preliminary Box top artwork for 2nd Edition of "Jump Gate"When I announced the second edition of Jump Gate on BGG, the ran a story about it.  They ended their article with: “Worden notes on BoardGameGeek that a ‘special limited release’ of Jump Gate will be available through, with details of what’s so special coming at a later date.” Ship Cards for Player Markers in the Funagain Special Limited Release

 So … here’s what’s so special:  I found 6 internet-based artist friends of mine who were willing to each draw a single capital ship for the game.  Some of these guys are already-established board game artists … and there were artists from 4 different countries.  Throw in a ship of my own design, and you will find 7 capital ship cards in the Funagain boxes that can be put into colored card stands, to be used in place of the little “rocket pawns” as each player’s location marker in the game.  It’s a very cool and eclectic collection of different art styles — but all ships were specifically drawn for this same project.

The box will also include a “credit sheet” that gives a little background on how the art project came together, with detailed info on the artists.  And the back of the credit sheet has a bit more of an artistic “ship over planetscape” type representation of the artists’ work.

Here’s what that looks like:

Jump Gate Capital Ships Credit Sheet Back

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