“Jump Gate” Second Edition Now Available via Funagain.com

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Jump Gate Capital Ships Credit Sheet BackThe special limited release of the Second Edition of “Jump Gate” via Funagain Games is now available for pre-order at Funagain.com.  This will only be a short-lived “pre” order since I will be sending Funagain their first supply of games next week.  I will also start shipping out orders to the other retailers as well.

Remember that by buying through Funagain.com, your box will contain the extra spaceship cards & card stands, plus the artistic credit sheet with information on all of the artists.  (The other retailers will still have the great Second Edition box, rule booklet, and the rest of the game’s components — just not the extra ship artwork.)

For those of you who already purchased the First Edition set via TheGameCrafter.com, and would like a nice, shelf-worthy box (plus a nicely setup rules booklet), please e-mail me and I will let you know about the special “early adopter” deal for getting a box to put your “Jump Gate” guts into.

(And … for those of you who know me personally, contact Britt or myself for the friends-and-family deal. ;-D)

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