Selling Jump Gate at Con of the North

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Con of the NorthThe “Con of the North” is an annual gaming convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This year, it runs from Friday, February 18th, through Sunday, February 20th.  (Click the link to see the dates, time and location details.)

I will be at a vendor table selling Jump Gate this year.  I will have 2 different Second Edition releases with me.  The “standard” version contains all of the normal game components and retails for $25 (tax included) at the convention.  The “Friends & Family” release contains the extra spaceship artwork, ship cards and card stands that are only otherwise found in the games sold through  The F&F Release will retail for $30 (tax included) when you buy it from me at my table.

Assuming I can get a working wifi connection, then I will be able to take credit card payments in addition to checks and cash.

Please stop by the table and say “Hi”. 🙂

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