Up and Running at Con of the North

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"Jump Gate" Table at Con of the NorthI have arrived at Con of the North, in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That’s my table pictured to the left there.

The wifi works (guess that means I’m “live blogging”), I have “rock tape” on my back (guess that means I’m ready to rock), my banner is up (see pic at the bottom of this post), my wares are out, and I’m ready to talk with folks about Jump Gate!

Con of the North Gamers doing what they doThe crowd is already a nice size already and quite active in their game-playing.  There’s quite a range of games going on, from naval ship-plotting battles, to 3D minatures skirmishes, to family board games like Ticket to Ride.  I like how the vendors’ area is around the outside edges of the main gaming room — great traffic, and great people-watching all in one.

So, I’ll put in a few hours here tonight to get the feel of how things work, be back for a longer time tomorrow (I plan to do game-demos at my table, since I signed-up too late to get into the real game session schedule), and perhaps some more on Sunday.  I’m located in the center of the back wall — stop by and say “Hi!” 🙂

"Jump Gate" Banner for Con of the North

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