Possible Fantasy Football Fix?

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FootballI’ve broken open my programming environment once again for a new (and, yet, kinda old) game project.

The NFL lockout has me worried that I won’t be able to watch my world-champion Green Bay Packers play football next fall … but, even worse, I may not get to play fantasy football with friends and family.  It has become an important and very entertaining part of the football seasons for me.

So, I’ve been toying around again with an old, old computer game idea I’ve had around an American football coaching simulator.  Originally, this was going to be a single player game, but had the potential to allow multiple players … and, it won’t take much to expand it into handling a full “league” of players.  So, the new twist is on how to make it more fantasy-football-like; make it conducive to a smaller group of people who know each other playing in a league together.

I think I have a good design worked out and I’ve just started some initial programming to test out some of the concepts.  If I’m able to get something ready-to-go by the end of summer, and the NFL is still locked-out, it could possibly fill my need for a fantasy football fix.  Stay tuned.

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