Thank You for Supporting “Jump Gate”!

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Matt Worden and Jump GateAfter a year of board-games-related craziness, I’d like to pause to shout a big “THANK YOU!” to everyone who has supported me around Jump Gate!

From the original launch through, GAMES Magazine naming it the “2011 Traditional Game of the Year”, fine reviews (by Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower, and Skip Maloney of, among others), the “box assembly” party with our family and friends, the mention in Dork Tower, the special limited release available through, the various early-adopter retailers, the great time at Con of the North, and those FLGSes who took advantage of our “Spring Special” … to all of the amazing family and friends (online and in-person) who’ve talked with me about the game and ask how things are going around the game business … I’m simply humbled and very, very appreciative.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, it’s been a difficulat start to this year for our family … but summer is allowing us plenty of time to go camping, play some ball and visit family and friends, which is helping us get things reset.  And I am getting a few new game ideas rolling … hope to have something new out on TGC in the next couple months, working through a new computer-based game targetted for the fall, and have a handful of solid designs that need some more testing time before being submission-ready for traditional publishers.

And we’re not quite finished with the Second Edition of Jump Gate yet either!  We are getting toward the end of our inventory of parts to assemble games with.  So, we will be making one last, large push over the next few weeks to give retailers reason to order this game while we still have something to send them.  Retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar) are going to want to be on the mailing list for this — so, e-mail me at to get connected.

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