Hello to Wausau Daily Herald Readers

Wausau, WisconsinKeith Ullig of the Wausau Daily Herald — the main newspaper in my original hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin — did a nice column about my board game designing adventures.

We had a great phone conversation that lasted just over an hour and covered a wide range of topics.  Obviously, the pre-specified column space force Keith to have to do much boiling-down of what we talked about — and I think he did a pretty good job of it.

One item that he didn’t have room for that I would like to highlight is that the emergence of internet-based, publish-on-demand services — such as those offered at TheGameCrafter.com — have really opened up the ability for someone to turn a hobby or niche interest into something bigger.  Same thing can be said for Lulu.com for publishing books or CafePress.com for producing custom clothing and other novelty items.  Without TheGameCrafter.com, Jump Gate would still be another mostly-finished game design that I’d be shopping around to traditional game publishers.

In any case … it’s pretty cool to see an article on something you did in the newspaper you grew up reading! 🙂

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