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Dicey CurvesTarget Release: August 2011

The game I am currently working on is a car racing game called Dicey Curves.

It uses a combination of Yahtzee-like dice combinations and “exploding dice”, where 6’s allow the player to add another die into their roll.  To soften the luck factor that always accompanies dice-rolling games, control chips allow players to reroll dice, add-in additional dice, switch positions between cars, and even control other players’ cars.

For the most part, the players use their dice combos to simply move their cars spot-by-spot down the track.  However, the curves require certain combinations for the player to get past the blocking gateways (shown as yellow rectangles with a black circle and number inside).  The trickiest of all are the “Dicey Curves”, which serve as both a bottle neck on the track and require a 5-dice combination to make it through.  Lots of position-jockeying occurs here.

Below, I’m including a glimpse of the newest graphics updates I finished last night.  Next thing on the list is to get the rules typed-up (hand-scratched notes and got-it-in-my-head type rules don’t help others play the game), and to get an updated demo copy from TheGameCrafter.com.

I will be showing this one off at GenCon in Indianapolis in a couple of weeks!

Dicey Curves Card Samples

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