“Dicey Curves” to be Shown Off at GenCon

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Dicey Curve's Cars and Dice(so many puns about curves being shown that I’m *not* writing here …)

One of things that I am *very* excited to be able to do while I am at the TGC Booth at GenCon on Friday is to show off my next game: Dicey Curves!

I’m waiting anxiously for my first full prototype to arrive from TGC.  It just shipped yesterday, so it should be here on Friday or Saturday.  The last piece I need to finish up is the rule sheet … have a nice start, but need to get it finished.

I am expecting to release the game for sale via TheGameCrafter.com during mid-August … keep an eye out for it then!  And, if you’re at GenCon next Friday, find the TGC booth for a chance to try it out early!

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