Jump Gate Rules PDF Finalized?

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I think the rulebook for Jump Gate may be finalized … of course, I’m only saying that in order to be certain that I will find something else that needs touching-up! 😉 In any case, please feel free to download … Continued

A Quick “Jump Gate” Update

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I have a fully completed rulebook for Jump Gate … just need to proofread and edit … and proofread … and tweak, etc.  I’m also waiting on 1 last artwork update, and then I will be ready to upload the … Continued

Serious Update to Jump Gate Rulebook

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I’ve made a serious first-pass at getting the “Jump Gate” Rulebook into shape.  I’ve put the details into my feedback thread on BoardGameGeek. The formatting is intended to go well with how TheGameCrafter.com handles rulebooks (which isn’t great) … they … Continued

3-on-3 Basketball

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Lately, I’ve been putting some work into a 3-on-3 basketball board game. Originally, I was hoping to make it competely dice based, but I could never get the game flow to work out properly.  So, I switched to cards.  I … Continued