This is a very casual, 18-card game about being a bird that is competing with the other birds and critters for the most seeds at the area bird feeders.  The cards are standard U.S. playing card size (“U.S. Poker” size), and the game comes in a “hook box” package that is slightly bigger than the cards themselves.

The game features beautiful nature photography of the birds and critters, and sneaky subtle game play around deduction (figuring out where everything is) and bluffing (getting other players to guess wrong).

This game is best for people who love lighthearted, easy-to-learn and quick-to-play games … and, of course, anyone who loves to watch birds.  If you know someone that has bird feeders, this game would likely be a good gift!

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Try for Free: Bird Feeder Frenzy (grayscale) Print and Play PDF (1019 downloads )