Dicey Curves: Road Rally - Box RenderA fresh update to one of our more popular titles — team racing on the open road!

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About the Game …

Manage your Fuel and Control tokens to find the best path for your 2-car racing team down the curving rally course. Capture the most points by getting through the checkpoints before your opponents.

New for this edition:

  • Move your cars using Fuel & Control tokens
  • Gain new tokens by rolling dice
  • Each player races a 2-car team, with bonus dice for “team racing” (keeping your cars close to each other)
  • New Track Cards — Jumps & Checkpoints
  • Optional variable powers
  • Checkpoint scoring

Early in a 4-player game of Dicey Curves: Road Rally

Looking back up-track from a Checkpoint in Dicey Curves: Road Rally

Orange player is about to jump past the purple player in a game of Dicey Curves: Road Rally