Dicey Curves: Road Rally - Box RenderFather Geek Review:

“My favorite aspect of the game is resource control. Players are using their Fuel and Control tokens as quickly as they can to get ahead, but with limitations on their ability to do so … you have to watch your resources just as hawkishly as you watch the competition.”

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About the Game …

Manage your Fuel and Control tokens to find the best path for your 2-car racing team down the curving rally course. Capture the most points by getting through the checkpoints before your opponents.

New for this edition:

  • Move your cars using Fuel & Control tokens
  • Gain new tokens by rolling dice
  • Each player races a 2-car team, with bonus dice for “team racing” (keeping your cars close to each other)
  • New Track Cards — Jumps & Checkpoints
  • Optional variable powers
  • Checkpoint scoring

Early in a 4-player game of Dicey Curves: Road Rally


Orange player is about to jump past the purple player in a game of Dicey Curves: Road Rally