Dicey Curves to be Updated

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Spurred on by the loss of the cool race car pawns at TheGameCrafter.com — they were discontinued by the manufacturer, and TGC is running out of stock now — I have decided to give a full updated to Dicey Curves. … Continued

Slowing it Down for a Bit

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I have a few originally-unplanned exciting weeks coming up starting right now … I took a new job. 🙂 After 10 years at my current employer (actually, it’s 6 under it’s current name, which bought out the previous company, which … Continued

Magistrate’s Multi-Use Cards

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As I continue working on Magistrate, one of the things that has become rather stable is the information on the cards. Players manage a handful of these cards, discarding some in exchange for materials at the start of their turn, gaining … Continued