Subtilla Reviewed by Father Geek

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Father Geek posted his review of Subtilla today, and he seems to have really enjoyed it.  He’s been giving my games a lot of great press lately — which is awesome. You may recall that over the course of last year, … Continued

Subtilla Rules Available

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I have uploaded the PDF of the Subtilla rules, in color, to the site.  They are available from the newly-added Subtilla Page. So, give them a download and a read-through … let me know your thoughts.

Subtilla Has Launched!!

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My new 2-player game, Subtilla, is now available through! Subtilla is head-to-head naval battle game for two players with subs, boats, torpedoes and two ways to win.  Direct your fleet to take down the enemy boats or capture their … Continued

Subtilla: The Board

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As I get closer to having Subtilla ready for the TGC shop, I’ve recently decided to put the game board onto one of their new 18-inch quad-fold boards.  Originally, I designed the game to be played on a 10×10 mat … Continued