Welcome Games Magazine Readers!

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Jump Gate was mentioned in the board games review section of the September 2010 issue of Games Magazine. On page 74 of the issue, John J. McCallion — the magazine’s editor-at-large for the “Traditional Game Views” section of the magazine, … Continued

SpaceWolf reviews Jump Gate on BGG

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Duncan (spacewolf009), the New Zealander who won the free copy of Jump Gate during the launch celebration has posted his review of the game on BoardGameGeek.com. He’s got nice things to say about the game, and I’m happy to see that … Continued

Matt Drake Reviews Jump Gate

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Matt Drake, at “Drake’s Flames” blog site, has written up the first public review of Jump Gate. While Matt seemed to like the game, and gave a pretty spot-on assessment of the game-play, I think he was way over-the-top harsh … Continued

We Have a Winner!!

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Congratulations are in order for Duncan (spacewolf009) from Hamilton, New Zealand, who was randomly drawn as the winner of the copy of Jump Gate that I gave away as part of the Launch Celebration. In addition to what you normally … Continued

Win a Free Copy of Jump Gate

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As I briefly mentioned in the original launch announcement for Jump Gate, I will be giving away a free copy of the game through a contest on my website.  I wanted to give a bit more information about that here. … Continued

Others’ Works: Pocket Civ

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Scott Slomiany is another Board Game Designers Forum regular (he posts there as doho123) that I’ve known for a while.  I always enjoy seeing what he submits to that site’s Game Design Showdowns, and read his “MeepleSpeak” blog regularly. He … Continued