Dicey Curves Reviewed in May Issue of GAMES

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Dicey CurvesIf you don’t yet have the May issue of GAMES Magazine, then that is an easy thing to correct … just visit your favorite local bookstore or magazine rack and find a copy of it.  It’s usually tucked in around the Sudoku and crossword puzzle mags, since the majority of GAMES’ pages are fun mind-bending puzzles.

However, near the back of each issue, you can find nicely written game reviews, with Thomas L. McDonald handling the electronic games and John J. McCallion reviewing table top games.

You may remember that GAMES Magazine caused the latter part of 2010 to be quite exciting for me as they selected Jump Gate as their 2011 Traditional Game of the Year.

So, I’m pretty excited to see Dicey Curves get a review in their May issue.  It’s right there on page 72 … go ahead, give it a read and I’ll wait …

Not a whole lot of editorial in these reviews … mostly a straight-forward description of the game.  (The editorial/opinion writing is usually more evident in their end-of-the-year GAMES100 issue in December.)

I did, however, pull out a few happy words, such as “entertaining”.  There’s even a mention that the ability to subtly interfere with your opponents’ progress is “delightful, but not brutal.”  Well, the DANGER! Expansion — which, as I keep promising, will be out soon — will amp-up the “delightful” and completely remove the “not brutal”. 😉

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