Sir Whimsy

“Matt Worden Games” is my Minnesota-based card and board game design and publishing company focused on family-friendly strategy games.

Sometimes, I add PC-based video games as well … and, I may even try my hand at converting some of my board game designs into PC-based video games or modules for Tabletop Simulator.

I mainly do this as a creative hobby in my spare time, so I am almost always working on too many game projects at the same time, and things are completed and made available in “fits and starts”.

Most of my board and card games are available to purchase through the shop at Some have print-and-play files or rules PDFs for downloads.

You can stay up-to-date with what I have happening on a near-daily basis through my Facebook Page, Twitter feed, and Instagram feed.  I also have a once-in-a-while newsletter as well.

If you have questions or otherwise need to contact me directly, please use e-mail: