Subtilla Stealth cache: The Rules [COMPLETED]



The clues were in another post: CLICK HERE.

I will be putting out the first clues for the Subtilla Stealth cache later today (once I’ve actually hidden the target).  So, I thought I would use this post ahead of time to specify the rules around how this thing will work.

Finders/Keepers: This time, due to the package size/content/value/etc., I will not hide the actual game out in the world … instead, I will hide a VHS tape box (a picture of what you’ll be looking for will be shown in the clues post).  Inside it will be a note about how to claim your free copy of Subtilla. The person who finds the box and contacts me according to the info on the note will be sent a copy of the game on me.

Here are some general points about where the box will be found … not really “clues”, just guidelines:

  • It is somewhere in Hennepin County, Minnesota
  • It is on land that is for public use and not overly difficult to get to
    • Please read and follow any signs regarding local ordinances/laws/rules, especially around official “open” hours and public use areas
  • There is only 1 box that is hidden … the note inside will give you all the information you need to claim your free game … please take the box and note with you to treasure forever (no littering!)
  • There are no other tricks or gotchas to this give-away … you do not need to buy anything or make any promises or sit through any presentations … you find the box and contact me and I’ll send you a game: simple as that!

NEW – “eFinder” Winner: There will also be a second winner of a free copy of the game.  This winner will be drawn from everyone who e-mails me a specific description of where they think the box is hidden.  The description has to be good enough that it could be handed to someone in the area and they could figure out where to find the box just from your description.

The details around being an eFinder are:

  • You need to e-mail your location guesses to me at
    • Include your name, your location (general city, state and/or country is fine), and the description of where you think the box will be found
    • If you want to include other info around how you are known on the Internet (website, BGG user name, etc.), that would be cool too
  • I will NOT reply to your e-mail to tell you if you are right or wrong or “close” or “warm”, etc., or give any other sort of direct help
  • DEADLINE: I need to receive the e-mail before the physical finder/keeper has contacted me
  • You *MAY* (and are encouraged to) revise your guess by e-mailing me again, as long as I get it before the deadline and you make it clear that you’ve e-mailed me already and that you’re just updating your location description
  • From all of those e-mails that guessed correctly, I will randomly draw a single winner of a copy of Subtilla
  • Again, as I stated above:  There are no other tricks or gotchas to this give-away … you do not need to buy anything or make any promises or sit through any presentations … if you are the winner selected from those who guess correctly via e-mail, I’ll send you a game

Any questions so far?  Please let a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it.



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