Subtilla Stealth cache: The Clues [COMPLETED]

Subtilla Stealth cache - the box

(Last Update: Monday, May 1, 2:21 pm — THE CACHE HAS BEEN FOUND!  Need to do a final tally on the eFinders.)

The Subtilla Stealth cache (pictured to the left) has been hidden, somewhere out in the world, and we are looking for 2 winners:

#1 – Whoever physically finds the box

#2 – A randomly selected “eFinder” among those who e-mail me the right answer

For full RULES information, CLICK HERE.

The clues for this finders/keepers puzzle will all be listed in this post.  I’ll be giving out new clues about once per day until the thing is found.  I will be updating this post as each clue becomes available.

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eFinder Scoreboard (final standings):
eFinders: 6
Correct City Guessed: 6
Correct Location Guessed: 4

So … here are the clues:

The last clue you’ll need:

Subtilla Stealth cache - Final Resting Place
The cache box is somewhere in this photo (though you may not be able to see it)

Clue #1 (Friday, 27-April-2012):

Some March winds find April Showers

Some Aprilshowers find May Flowers

Some Mayflowers find Rocks

Clue #2 (Saturday, 28-April-2012):

One in the sky. And 2 under.

No surprise, there is a body of water.

Clue #3 (Sunday, 29-April-2012):

A sign for the District that really looks nice

I count the rivers: once, twice, thrice

The waves are stacked: green, yellow, blue

If you’re too slow others might play through

Clue #4 (Monday, 30-April-2012):

It is very green. And greens.
Very groomed for grooming.
A path from a handy lot runs north.
It’s a bit of a walk past each course.
Past the range where the nets contain the game.

Clue #5 (Monday, 30-April-2012):

Just off the parking lot (will still need to walk a bit to find the prize):

Near the Parking Lot

Clue #6 (Tuesday, 1-May-2012):

Continue past the range
Into where the fairies and elves might play
Until you find the seat
That looks on a strangely green tree

Have a Seat

Enjoy! 8)


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