For Goods and Honor: First (very) Rough Draft of Rules

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Bits from "For Goods and Honor"

In order to be ready for Protospiel-Milwaukee, I wanted to have written rules for each of the designs I will be bringing along to test.

"For Goods and Honor" ... Folks in a Bag
Folks in a Bag

This morning, I was able to get a first, rough (rough!), text-only draft of the rules for For Goods and Honor ready.  Not sure I’ll do much more with these until after this weekend testing … they could really use some pretty pictures and some game play examples in them.  But they should be good enough to let us play the game and see how things work.

If you’re curious, you can download and read the PDF: For Goods and Honor (500 downloads)

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to send me any feedback or questions you might have.

And, just for candy, here are a couple more pictures:

"For Goods and Honor" ... Setup for a Game  "For Goods and Honor" ... Player Mats in Play


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