Where Did I Leave Off with Thunder Run?

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Thunder Run to Gratis-3


So, after my first 3 posts about Thunder Run to Gratis-3 (Intro, Basics, Carrier Commands), it turns out that I missed the deadline for the contest the game was intended for in the first place.

And I just stopped posting about it altogether … like a sad sort of sad person. And I don’t want to be like that. But on the other hand, I have a ton of different things I want to post about in the run up to GenCon Indy.

So, as a compromise, I’ll post the first full draft of the rules here so that you can read it and get the gist of what this game is all about.

Thunder Run to Gratis-3, Beta Prototype, End Game LookHere’s my quick overall: It’s an old-fashioned, trashy battle/brawl game set in space, with some new-fashioned ideas on the gameplay … basically, it’s just fun — probably the “wettest” game I’ve designed yet. Can’t wait to get this in front of other players!

Oh yeah — rules: Thunder Run to Gratis-3 Rules Booklet (691 downloads )

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