Jump Gate: Updated NavComp Cards

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Jump Gate NavComp Card Back
Jump Gate NavComp Card Back

In my original post for the updated website, I ended by saying “onto step #2”.  Step #2 is to return to making progress on my current game projects.

Jump Gate is my current board game design that is getting close to completion.  I just have to redesign the insides of both types of cards, clean-up the rules, finalize how it will all go together as a sellable product and launch it.

I made progress today on the design of the inside of the NavComp Cards. 

Jump Gate NavComp Card - Original Design
NavComp Card (Old Design)

These cards are used by players to carry out actions during a turn.  They each hold a pair of codes that allow the use of the Jump Gate, and scanning or landing on a planet.  They sometimes also hold a special action that the player can use by discarding the card.

Jump Gate NavComp Card Example #2
NavComp Card (New Design Example #1)

Originally, I kept the design very sparse (as shown to the right).  But I got encouragement to make the interior a bit more exciting and better fitting with the card back graphics.  This came from both BGGers and a good friend of mine (with good graphic design skills) that I was able to playtest the game with over the holidays.

Jump Gate NavComp Card Example #2
NavComp Card (New Design Example #2)

So, I played around a bit in Photoshop today and came up with the new look for the inside.  The example on the left is for a card with just the 2 codes.  The example on the right shows a card that includes a special action.

I’m going to spend a little time looking these over and seeing how I like them.  I’ll also post an update on that BGG thread and see how these examples are received.

Now … on to the insides of the Resource cards …

Updated: here

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