Jump Gate: Updated Resource Cards

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Jump Gate Resources Card BackI just posted yesterday with my latest updates to the faces for the NavComp cards for Jump Gate.  In fact, I’ve even tweaked those a bit to add a little extra computer-ish flavor text — something to fill in some empty space on the UI without being a distraction.

Since then, however, I’ve stayed busy in Photoshop and redid the faces for the Resources cards as well.

Again, the originals were functional, but bland … and I was encouraged to spice them up a bit.  It was especially important, I felt, for the Resource cards to have a quick-reference icon in the upper-left corner of their faces in order to allow for a stack of Resources to be fanned out and still recognize what’s all in the stack.

With that in mind … and wanting to stay with the gray-pipe UI style on the other cards and Planet boards … here are some samples of what I came up with:

Jump Gate Resource Card Examples

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