New “Sand” Cards PnP for Jump Gate, 1st & 2nd Editions

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"Sand" Resource Card in 1st/2nd Edition FormatEvery now and then, I hear from someone that has a 1st or 2nd Edition copy of Jump Gate and takes issue with the “Nothing” Resource cards.

Jump Gate "Nothing" Card ExampleOriginally, they were in there to make it something of a risk when scanning new resources — you may not find anything there. Plus, it allowed for a little bit of thematic flavor text humor … some might say “very little!” 😉 However, I understand how it can leave a bad taste in your mouth when you get absolutely nothing from a scan.

So, in order to give 1st & 2nd Edition players a new option, I’ve taken the “Sand” resource cards from the 3rd Edition and put them into 1st/2nd Edition format. Using the PDF (linked below), you can put all 48 Resource cards into sleeves and print-and-cut these 12 Sand cards to put in front of each of the Nothing cards.

Here’s the PDF: Jump Gate, Sand Resource Cards, for 1st or 2nd Edition (458 downloads )

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