Jump Gate: Finalized Resource Card Face Graphics

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Jump Gate Resources Card Back(As I post this and see the card back graphic to the left, I realize now that I’ll need to update that one to include the udpated Gem and EnerGel icons.)

I got a few minutes over the weekend to get back into Photoshop and finalize the graphics for the Jump Gate Resource Card faces.  I’ve gotten great advice between my friend, Dan, and the folks replying to my feeback thread on BGG.And, I’ve come up with this so far:

Final Jump Gate Resource Card Face Examples

Now I need to finalize the NavComp Card faces (and, as noted, the Resource Card Back) and then get back to the rules document.

My next couple of posts on Jump Gate won’t be around graphics — but around rule finalizations, card distributions, and other geeky game design stuff. 😉

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