Free 8-pack of Square Repeating Textures – Beach Rocks

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River Rock Beach TextureI love being out in nature, and sometimes while I’m there, I’ll take pictures. Often, the pictures are just close-ups of specific natural features, like rocks, grass, bark, water, etc. I’ve worked out a trick for turning some of these pictures into repeating textures that could be used for website backgrounds or game textures.

The first set is a collection of pebbles, rocks and rock surfaces found near large bodies of water. I took the pictures over the past few years, while on vacations to the Big Island of Hawaii and on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

Each of the 8 files is 2048 pixels square and can be tiled next to itself to create a seamless larger image. They are large files, though, so you will likely want to reduce their dimensions and file sizes to make them more useful as website backgrounds or background textures for games. In fact, feel free to adjust/manipulate them as needed to make them work for you. Please read the READ ME file included in the ZIP to get the full usage/attribution terms.

You can download the full ZIP file here (~27MB): Square Repeating Textures - Beach Rocks (326 downloads )

Here’s a sample of the 8 textures:

Samples of the 8 "Beach Rocks" Textures

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