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Jump Gate listed at BGAOver the weekend, BoardGameArena — a major play-for-free online boardgaming site — just added Jump Gate to their line-up!

This very exciting thing has been a couple of years in the making. Shortly after BGA opened up their developer tools, I was contacted by Charles Mead (“ChazM” on BGA) about working on a Jump Gate implementation on the platform. Over time, a number of real-life-change-related pauses, and additional involvement from Fabien and Greg of the BGA team, Charles & Fabien were able to get it packaged and ready for primetime!

I’m very grateful for their work, and super excited about having this available at BGA! 😀 If you play there, look for me — I’m always open for a game — and let me know your thoughts on the game.

Jump Gate at BGA

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